Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Rolling Stones on Thanksgiving, 2012 by Dana Stone, November 25, 2012


              At my house we gathered
On Thanksgiving this year
For turkey and dressing
And goblets of cheer.
Pumpkin pies waited
For a nice touch of sweet,
I managed a sugarless
One for a treat.
John toasted a toast,
That was really quite smoothe,
Then together we four
Dug into the food.
With a Samba or two
Caressing the speakers,
Pretty soon we made haste,
To put on our sneakers.
For a walk on the Common
And onto the Square
We circled two times,
Before coming up for air.
Those marvelous Stones,
So thoughtful were they,
To keep the dogs leashed,
Lest they both bale and stray.
To the Best Western they all headed,
To spend a “quiet” night,
But the hallway noise
Gave Jack quite a fright.
The room was ok,
And not at all dusty.
But who would have thought
That the water would be rusty?
They checked out in haste,
And I would surmise,
That they headed for Lowe’s
For a big surprise!
For a new microwave,
And one that was stronger,
Than the old one of Dana’s,
That would last no longer.
Along with that present,
Came plants galore,
To beautify the yard,
And make a festive front door.
Azaleas were bought,
And bulbs, it’s quite clear,
That my yard will be blazing
With flowers next year.
John tidied the privotte,
After a nod and a nap,
With Sue’s expert guidance,
It was truly a snap!
A conical tree!
How they figured this out,
I really can’t see.

Their teamwork was keen,
and left me so blessed,
That I leveled and trimmed,
The remains of the rest!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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