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Saturday, September 28, 2019

Sea World Should Be Put Out of Business!

Sea World Should Be Put Out of Business!

     Last night, I watched a series of documentaries and news footage about Sea World and their killer whales.   I'll have to admit I was captivated by Sea World in San Diego in the early 1980's.  The organization was not as condemned as  it is today.

     I think it's appalling that these 12,000 animals are trained to perform like circus animals.  Tossing plastic balls, carrying humans on their backs as they race thru the water, landing on platforms in front of audiences in just inches of water.

      In 2010, a trainer, Dawn Bracheau, was killed by an orca, Tilikum, at Sea World in Florida.  She'd worked as a trainer for 16 years and had been performing for almost as long.  After a show, Tilikum pulled her into the tank, thrashed her about, and forced her to the bottom of the pool.  Orcas want to hold on to their prey, so it was very difficult for the staff to separate the whale from her.  Every bone in her body was broken, and she was "scalped" by the whale.

     Just several months before, another trainer, Alexis Martinez, was killed by an orca in the Canary Islands.  Sea World insisted on calling the event "an accident" rather than an attack.

     Sea World needs to go out of business and stop capitalizing on these magnificent creatures entertaining an audience...It's up to our young people.  Watch the documentary, "The Voiceless," produced by young people.  Also, the documentary, Blackfish, exposes the horror of Sea World's exploitation of marine life.

     Do your part, expose the problem and don't buy a ticket!

Oh, Those Naughty Victorians!

Oh, Those Naughty Victorians!

     Laid low this week-end by "an upper respiratory infection."  Or at least so says the doc.
Had to take the week off...

     Entertained myself with starting to read, Edward the VII, the Playboy Prince.  Fascinating stuff!  Decades ago, I watched the Masterpiece Theatre series on Lillie Langtry, "the Jersey Lily."

     Jane Ridley, the British author of this tome on Edward, has penned a captivating biography.  She doesn't leave a stone unturned.  

     I was a little surprised at what a lousy mother Victoria was.  There was no love lost between Edward (called "Bertie) andVictoria.  Edward was her oldest son.  One thing that stood out was that when he was Prince of Wales, she didn't give him the important "red box" and entrusted it to someone else.

     Edward was a randy guy.  He married the beautiful Princess Alexandra of Denmark (called Alix) and while it was a love match, he cheated on her a lot.

     One of his mistresses was Lilly Langtry, the "Jersey Lily."  She was crazy beautiful and well known artists of the day lined up to paint or sketch her.  She became an actress, as did her daughter, Jeanne Marie.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

The Isle of Jersey

   In the Channel Islands of the U.K., Jersey is a colorful, ancient land with its own language, Jerriais.   

   Efforts to bring back Jerriais began in the 1960's with the effect that classes were started to teach the language.  Today, there is a dictionary in Jerriais and many school children are learning what used to be their native language.èrriais_in_the_island

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Ernie Barnes, Durham Native

The NC Museum of History closed their exhibit/tribute to Durham native, Ernie Barnes.  He got 26 scholarships to play football at NC College, now NC Central University.

Here's a link:

So sorry I missed this exhibit...

Saturday, August 31, 2019

A Hundred Things

that time of the month again when I high light a hundred good things that happened, so hear goes:

1.  I drove over to Hillsborough to attend a meeting I'd been wanting to get to for a long time

2.  The setting for the meeting was the gorgeous UNC campus at Hillsborough.

3.  Joy Harjo is the new Poet Laureate of the U. S., and our first Native American.

4.  The car is operating well.

5.  I'm seeing Dr. Ashley on Tues.

6.  Good book to read on Edward VII, the Victorian King.

7.  I'm slipping off to bed early tonite.

8.  May go to Cambridge in Oct.

9.  Jaki Shelton Greene to be honored at the Friday Center in October.

10. Good night's sleep last night.

11.  Enjoyed the H/borough meeting:  Jennifer, Robin and Karen.

12.  I enjoyed mindfulness today.

13.  Getting a massage and facial on Tues.

14.  Maybe a hike on Sunday (tomorrow)

15.  Brittany at Hand n S"tone (practices mindfulness)

16.  "the 20 breaths"

17.   Seeing Shannon tomorrow

18.   Appt. Fri. with an ED specialist

19.   Mali

20.   Beverley

21.   A massage later today

22.  Got a job off yesterday

23.   Margot started kindergarten yesterday

24.   Fresh veggies ad hummus for lunch today

25.   Tidied up today

26.   Nice email from Elise yesterday

27.   Knowing it's ok to be different

28.   Fun day Sunday, church, Whole Foods

29.   Heading over to Hand 'n Stone later

30.   Having a keen interest in Black History

31.   WNCU radio

32.    Books on tape

33.    Going back to sleep after I woke up at 4 p.m

34.   Will try to drop the car off early tomorrow morning and see if they will take me to Shannon's office.

35.   Sprouts food store

36.   Jazz

37.   Flowers in front of my front door

38.   Making progress

39.   Planning a very light work out at the gym; yoga later today maybe

40.   Billie Holiday

41.   Playmakers

42.   New OA friend Beth

43.   ditto, Tim

44.   NC Writers Network

45.   the musical group, Queen

46.   juicing blueberries and apples

47.   Johanna at Whole Foods

48.   emailing Kourtney about missing the concert due to the football traffic pile up

49.   Interesting exchange with Christine after church about the devil, which I don't believe.

50.   Paul McCartney

51.   Amani at the Y Downtown front desk and chatting about Freddy Mercury and David Bowie

52.  Vickie Sneed at the DT Y for getting my papers in order.

53.  Meeting deadlines

54.  Markee, Y counselor

55.  Diamond McQueen, site mgr for Lakewood

56.  It's cooling off!

57.  Lunch at B & N

58.  library sys. group read:  Best of Enemies

59.  Seeing Library Larry at the Y dripping in sweat after playing basketball

60.  Dinner last night from Jason's courtesy of the Y.

61.  I might want to buy the hist. fiction book for 5 bucks from B & N

62.  The B & N staff

63.  Soup and salad for dinner.

64.  Podcasts

65.  ED appt. on Mon.

66.  The praying woman i met outside B & N

67.  Payne's Auto Body Shop

68.  Shont√© who works there and will be volunteering for WNCU.

69.  John Brown and his Little Big Band

70.  Playmakers

71.   Getting my oil changed

72.   Seeing a Land Rover Santana imported from Spain

73.  Cooling off

74.  Edward the 7th book

75.  Durham and being out and about today

76.  The YMCA and its history

77.  Taking it easy tonite

78.  Getting to the bank

79.  Carolina Theatre

80.  Anne Atwater

81.  Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

82.  Best of Enemies film

83.  Ted's back

84.  John's advice about the job:  researching HELPS, checking the bus route, getting to work 30 min early, Angel, the counselor, visit the school on Monday morning or afternoon, find out when the kids are dismissed from school, where will we be, check out Club Blvd online, check distance from my house to the school.
Also, bring a notebook, prayer for the day, #of kids and native language,  will need markers, paper, books (free from Food Lion?), DonorsChoose

85.  Prayer for Sept. 13 (today)

86,  Living in Durham

87.  Hearing from Elise

89,  Reading Edward VII biography about the playboy king.

90.  A reading day while I rest.

91.  Seeing Shannon today.

92.  Not knowing the news of the day.

93.  Rest, rest, and more rest

94.  Being comfortable all curled up on the chaise lounge with my quilt

95.   Sopia

96.   Channeling Hazel

97.  English history

98.  I made it to an important appointment

99.   "Rain"

100.  not having to cook....

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Four Hundredth Anniversary of the Arrival of Africans to America

from John:    August 24, 2019

At Jamestown, celebrations of African dancing and drumming

More recognitions to come throughout 2019.