Saturday, June 16, 2018

Get Rid of Belly Fat

from Shape Magazine

Dance Mania

common during olden times.

Sunday, June 10, 2018


     My 5 days to Virginia's Eastern Shore were packed with striking images.  Long stretches of country roads and cornfields, a sense of unfolding history as Victorian houses, groves of trees, and mansions with tree lined entrances passed by.
     As we were headed up Rt. 13, I glanced over and saw a street lined with turn of the century homes facing each other, and nearby, acres and acres of cornfields.  These images will stay with me.  The occasional tractor would approach, requiring us to yield and move to the side a bit.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

A Hundred Things I'm Grateful For Today, Sunday, May 27, 2018

1.  Coming to UU today
2.  Jacqueline's sermon
3.  Glad she got her M. Div.
4.  She might be staying on
5. Being here
6.  Good night's sleep
7.  The color green
8.  Desire to do some writing
9.  The counselor at CC Spaulding
10. UU in Boston
11. Love for Franklin and family
12. Desire to invite Franklin to lunch
13. I can stand.
14. "Just for today"
15. I'm still here
16.  I'll be joining UU
17. Let it be
18. John Lennon
19. How Jacqueline's face lights up
20.  The music this morning
21. Rachmaninoff
22. Kate Lewis, the pianist
24. She played I've Got Plenty Of Nothing
25. She introduced me to Bruno Mars, who is so cool!
26. Joan Brett, she read a poem this morning.
27. Langston Hughes
28. Langston Hughes : "The Negro Mother"
28. Langston Hughes:  The Negro Speaks of Rivers"
29. Got to 2 meetings
30. NC Museum of Hist. has WW1 exhibit
31. Daddy's birthday is the 31st
32. I'd like to see the Sohm some day
33. I've been to the American Cemetary at the D Day Beaches--so inspiring
34. Going to see Pilobolus
35. Resting today and not working out
36. Doing stretches
37. My health
37. It's cooling off
38. Cleaning today
39. 40 binaural Hz
40. Avoiding the news
41.  Done with food for today
42.  Realizing i need to switch to decaff tea
43. Tomorrow is Memorial Day
44.  The Wall Street Journal articles I clipped out last night.
45.  Integrative medicine has primary care.
46.  The sound of a water fall.
47.  It's all good.
48.  Netflix
49.  Financially stable.
50.  Interesting people I've met
51.  Bruno Mars
52.  Beyonce, "Single Ladies"
53.  Mindfulness
54.  My docs
55.  Almost finished eating for today.
56.  No need to stress.
57. Avoiding email
58.  Having my feet up
59.  Having the power to live my life the way I want
60.  Adam Stone is my nephew
62.  Tomorrow's a holiday.  (Memorial Day)
63.  The music of David Wingo
64.  The people in my Tuesday meditation group
65.  Megan Yankee, new friend at ADF
66.  Her partner is John Osborn
67.  Kate Lewis, musician at UU
68.  My cat has a new home!
69.  the ADF summer season starts soon
70.  morning stretches
71.  Elaine from Cambridge
72.  My World Pulse postings are getting hits.
73.  Where I live
74. In the forest
75.  Our Y
76.  Deep breaths
77.  Got an iPhone
78.  Finally  Morgan's offered to help me set it up
79.  quilts
80.  Sounds of waterfalls
81.  Peter Makuck and the memory of writing a poem inspired by his poetry
82.  Janis in Arizona
83.  Ed in Boston
84.  Duke Blue
85.  my dad and his letters that I inherited
86.  Uncle Ed's rare book collection at U. Va
87.  Mel in Palm Springs
88.  Julie and her Alaska Native archives
89.  job interview went well
90.  libraries
91.  financial stability
92.  Rusty
93.  Washington, CT
94.  Black Mountain College
95.  Rubenstein Library
96.  strength
97.  not dating at the moment
98.  God brings the most interesting people into my life.
99.  gentle movement
100. my accomplishments

Monday, May 21, 2018

40 hz Binaural Beats

relaxing and soothing sound to help with clarity and concentration; very helpful