Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Shame on MSU

     Michigan State University has a fund of about 10 million dollars to help survivors of Larry Nassar's abuse.  The money can be used for therapy and medical expenses, including holistic therapies, therapy dogs, acupuncture, etc.

     Critics are concerned that the university will use the money against the women, for example, asking the court to dismiss their lawsuits.  Plus, shame on MSU for allowing this monster to continue treating the athletes even though they had gotten warnings about him for YEARS!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Fast Forward to the Past

     I hadn't thought of Huey Lewis and the News in years and years.  But the memory of one of his tunes just haunted me and try as I might I couldn't locate it on Pandora or YouTube.  Fortunately
a friend found it and I thought back to those happy days in 1984 when I was a stay-at-home single mom in Sitka, Alaska.   I had the cd (or was it a cassette tape??) of their "Sports" album, a minor sensation at the time.

     So I've spent some fun time today listening to and watching the News on YouTube, especially enjoying the tune "If this is it."  Great song, and so reminiscent of the swingin' 80's.  Such an innocent time, mullet hair styles and all.

     I haven't realized that Huey and I are about the same age.  I do remember how KEY-UTE he was with his buff bod, cleffed chin and chisled features.  I must find out if he still tours and what he's up to now.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Writing to Heal

John Evans of Durham writes:   "Our positive story shapes our neuro-pathways when we begin to write a new story for ourselves with a different perspective and in self-compassionate affirming language. Through writing in this way, I suggest that we are setting down new pathways, affirming ourselves in the future in the manner in which we wish to live." 

Friday, February 23, 2018

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Another Look at the Big Book

Another Look at the Big Book
By Dana Stone, February 18, 2018

I first read the Big Book over 10 years ago.  In the early 2000’s I was concerned about my own drinking enough to start going to AA and pour my alcohol down the drain.  I’d become a social drinker of the kind that I had a glass or two of wine almost everyday with dinner.  I’d been embarrassed by my behavior after drinking at least twice.  I reached the conclusion that I didn’t need to drink, that it served no real purpose in my life.

I attended some AA meetings nearby, then realized my real problem was with food –eating too much.  A bulletin board at my dr.’s office had the 15 questions on it.  I sure could relate.

Bill’s Story:  As I started reading the Big Book again, I was struck by the fact that it was written over 80 years ago. 

One of my favorite pages in literature is the beginning of Bill’s Story:  “war fever was on.”  Bill fought in World War I, just like my dad.  Bill discovered the pleasure of alcohol there.  I wonder if my dad did too.  My dad stopped drinking before I was born, nevertheless the situation affected me and the rest of the family:  my brother the over achiever and heroic figure, me the child with “frozen tears.” 

Being a lover of history, Bill’s story of the tombstone outside the Winchester Cathedral really hit me.  I checked the net and yep, it’s there.  I wonder how many visitors inspired by the Big Book have visited it.  I shall have to find out.

Also, I think this chapter mentions the visitor Bill had. Chapter II:  was this Ebby?  Was it Dr. Silkworth Bill saw who told him he’d never seen “such a bad case?”

Chapter II:  I was struck by the amount of alcohol that Bill drank – a quart at a time wasn’t unusual. 

Likewise, I’m amazed by the amount of food I used to eat.  Two cans of black beans mixed with mayo while watching documentaries.  God!  Hard to imagine!   Eating a box of cookies intended for the neighbor child or my church group.  I just can’t have the stuff around!

Then there was my Christmas escapade at the Carolina Inn.  The chocolate chip cookies called to me and I listened.  Eight or so eaten in my beautiful hotel room surrounded by inspiring documents associated with the University of North Carolina.  This is “spree eating”.  It happened again recently when I was disturbed by Morry’s comments.  I used things like that as an excuse to eat a half-gallon of ice crème.  “Taking the poison” so to speak.  I know now to avoid Morry (I did so for two years).   Maybe avoiding that meeting until the guideline about sharing specific foods is removed.  This is a big trigger for me.
Chapter III:   This chapter talks about the irrational beliefs of alcoholics.  The guy who thinks he can add a little to his milk and it “won’t hurt.”  This chapter touches on relapse.  When relapse happened, my ED was worse than ever. It lasted about two years, I think.   I started frequenting places that flirted with my abstinence.  I really didn’t care, but I became concerned that the ED would kill me.  I HAD to stop COE and couldn’t.  However, a Higher Power intervened and revealed to me the many benefits of not eating compulsively.  Thank you!  Around this time I worked with a new sponsor also.  What a miracle!  I have three days of abstinence now and want to hang on to it for dear life.  Divine Intervention indeed.

This chapter also describes the crazy things we did while [drinking].  Using in the car, for example.  My car is a mess because of this.  We also justify a spree:  someone hurt our feelings or whatever.  In the BB it says we started to find new “playmates” -that is certainly true for me.  I really need to avoid people who are triggers for me.

Eating to solve problems is like having a headache and hitting yourself in the head with a hammer.  Eating will NEVER solve our physical or emotional pain – it only makes it worse.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Sunspot Explodes

Bringing a good chance of auroras to Northern climes.