Wednesday, December 31, 2014

You Didn't Have To

You didn't have to 
shoot heroin.
You said you never would do that.
Was it worth it?
I know you said you felt
happy afterward.
That it was the only thing that
took away your pain.
Your husband was right to come
get you from the sleazy pad
you were sharing with your
drug addled boyfriend.

You didn't have to sleep around.
Have sex with two guys in an alley down town.
No, you didn't have to
make that toxic choice.
Rough sex.
Enough sex
to last two life times.

No, you didn't have to do those things.
But I'm glad you survived.
And I'm wondering how you avoided addiction.
You are such a contradiction,
dear child,

You take communion now
by the rushing stream under the bridge.
You have redeemed yourself by telling your story.
It's ok.
Everyone makes mistakes.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

End of Day Random Gratitude

After seeing the film Wild, I'm grateful for my experiences.  While I've never walked a thousand miles, I once biked for 80 and backpacked for nine months.   

I'm grateful for the women who were in my writing class, for their creativity and humor.  Grateful for black-eyed peas on New Year's, and hot cider at Christmas.  Grateful that I experienced childbirth and saw my son grow up into the fine man that he is, for memories and memoirs, photographs, paintings, sculpture, and music.

Grateful for healing and for the wonderful day I've had, for Franklin's letter to Olivia, safe travels, and a warm home.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

My Year of Miracles

I'll be leaving shortly for Christmas with family.  I will practice gratitude today and tolerance.

Much has been accomplished this year.  I sold my house in a negative market, downsized, moved, re-located, got settled in an apartment, and set about exploring a new community.  Then I had a knee replacement and scheduled surgery for the other knee.

So much to be grateful for and I pray  to be present today, conversational, and tolerant and hopeful.  A very special Christmas indeed.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Dana's Knee Replacement

     It's been exactly a month since my knee replacement surgery.  Having a wizard like Dr. Kelley helped me to endure the surgery just fine.  In fact, I had no pain immediately after the surgery, to my great surprise.
     Started driving a week ago, and today had my first walk with nature in a month.  Just enjoyed the rustling of the leaves and the beauty of East Campus.
      For now, time to do my PT exercises.  Here goes!

David Rubenstein

     Earlier this year, I was talking with two women at the Duke Gardens.  David Rubenstein's name came up in relation to Duke Libraries, where one of the women worked.  Mr. Rubenstein donated a small fortune to the rare book and manuscripts collection, which was then named the Rubenstein Library.

      I had no idea when this happened until yesterday, when I heard someone named David Rubenstein on the Diane Rheem Show.  It turned out he was a Duke grad in 1970 and worked in the library.

He later wrote about how much he appreciated his student job.  Well, he now helps manage the Carlyle Group and is on the Board of the Kennedy Center, and Chairman of the Board at Duke.  His list of accomplishments is amazing and he wants to give away half of his fortune before he dies.

Here's a Youtube video from May with Mr. Rubenstein speaking at the Fuqua School of Business.