Wednesday, December 31, 2014

You Didn't Have To

You didn't have to 
shoot heroin.
You said you never would do that.
Was it worth it?
I know you said you felt
happy afterward.
That it was the only thing that
took away your pain.
Your husband was right to come
get you from the sleazy pad
you were sharing with your
drug addled boyfriend.

You didn't have to sleep around.
Have sex with two guys in an alley down town.
No, you didn't have to
make that toxic choice.
Rough sex.
Enough sex
to last two life times.

No, you didn't have to do those things.
But I'm glad you survived.
And I'm wondering how you avoided addiction.
You are such a contradiction,
dear child,

You take communion now
by the rushing stream under the bridge.
You have redeemed yourself by telling your story.
It's ok.
Everyone makes mistakes.


  1. I love that you processed your feelings through poetry. Thank you for sharing ~ Jasmina