Thursday, January 1, 2015

You Were There

You were there
when our father died
 and I thought my life was over.
I never cried.

You were there
at the white columned school
when I had to leave,
to live with you.

You were there to see me through.

You were there
when high waters came,
bringing water, and candles, and food,
and so many things to help us through.

You were there when I could have died
and didn't because my faith pulled me through.
You were there,
and You.

You were there when my heart was broken
over a lapse in judgement.
It's not a sin to be lonely,
is it?
You were there,
and You.

You were there, when I sold my house.
And moved to a new one.
When I lost my knee
and got a new one.
Yours was the last face I saw
that day,
and the first one I thought of 
this morning, the first of a New Year.

So fresh with promise.
So bright with sunshine.
And You.

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