Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Three Blessings

Jan. 28, 2015  A red-tailed hawk, wrapping, up after a chilly walk in the woods, the memory of the guy in Saladalia with the Mac Book Air.

Jan. 29, 2015  For the members of my poetry class, for the memory of my wildlife experience, for groceries and homemade soup.

Mar. 3, 2015  For meeting Mark, another traveler on the road to recovery;  for having lived in Alaska, where I first heard about Emmett Fox; for chatting to Paul, our instructor for Positive Psychology, about a strategy.

Mar. 13, 2015 For Duke Medicine, Carla, the Piedmont Wildlife Center, Gail

Mar. 14, 2015 For starting on my taxes, for Patrick at the library, for Playmakers

Mar. 15, 2015 My covenant group, healthy eating, a good book to read

Mar. 16, 2015  The Tango, Sarah Short, Suzanne Gaskins

Mar. 17, 2015  Meditation, Rest, children in the woods

Mar. 18, 2015  My experiences, Fran, Duke workshop

Mar. 19, 2015  The gym at Lakeside, Mary Oliver, my Madonna

Mar. 20, 2015  Cardinals, a decision to renew, being my own best friend; I am the most important person to me

Mar. 21, 2015 The Spark

Mar. 22, 2015  Covenant Group met at my place and we had a poetry reading; Christina's children were here

Mar. 23, 2015  Morning meditation; healthy meals; 5 o'clock meetings

Mar. 24, 2015  Taylor from church; Kimber; Amy the nurse

Mar. 25, 2015  Hope, a lecture on herbal remedies, Juanita's group

Mar. 26, 2015  Susan Spalt's poem "Blu"

Mar. 27, 2015 Talking with Neil; Shannon; Margot = Happy Day

Mar. 28, 2015  Duke computer store; Kimber's progress; John and Sue's visit

Mar. 29, 2015  A new computer!  Flowers at Duke Chapel grounds; talking to Chris and hearing about Margot's progress

Mar. 30, Swim class; selling another book; healthy eating

Mar. 31  feeling safe; warm cinnamon in my mouth; healthy eating

Apr. 1  lunch with "the Girls" at Refectory; selling another book; hope

Apr. 2  A full day; all going well with pre-op; idea for teaching

Apr. 3  Jenny and Lawrence; getting a book about my new Mac; and a new Garmin

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