Saturday, December 31, 2016


Stain (c)

Spreads across landscape in muddy streams
bears witness to re-birth of chauvinist being
"pussy-grabbing" creature from times square
advocate for bigotry
mocking the impaired

called women



and pregnancy an "inconvenience"
in the workplace.

Politics becomes gang warfare
heaps scorn on principled debate
legitimizes rape.

Each remark shows him unfit
to be head of state.

And we're all worse off for it.

Dana Stone

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Friday, December 9, 2016

December 8, 2016: Skipping Christmas

I decided a while back to skip Christmas this year, maybe go to Belize.  Where it's warm...But I think I'll stay in town, relax, get together with friends.  Hannakuh...I'd be keen to celebrate that.  No trees to decorate, only small presents to buy and best of all the stores are crammed with Christmasy stuff then. I did buy a wreath...a fresh one from Amity Baptist in Chapel Hill, where I have my poetry group every Friday.

Poetry Group is great fun.  Conrad is a hoot.  He worked at Wood's Hole in Massachusettes in his younger days.  (He was a "hottie" then, by the way).  Dark hair and a be,ard on his lanky frame.  I think he was a marine biologist -- he used to go down on the Alvin.  He was raised on Martha's Vineyard, his whole life.  Still goes back there in summer. I love the poetry he writes -- heck, I love him.  I hope he knows how talented he is.

Last week, he read from a proof of his poetry book.  He's not sure when it will come out.  Soon I hope!  I chatted with him after group today.  I think he needs to hear more often how good he is.

His wife comes to the church to drop him off and pick him up.  Her name is Jane and she writes poetry too.  I think they met at a poetry reading.

I read my poem, "Chamber of Curiosities," based on an article I read in the 1917 edition of Corks and Curls.  Seems some students were investigating in the basement of the Rotunda, and came across a shaft of papers, one from a ledger showing what book "E. L. Poe" had checked out. There were also two letters from James Madison.

So, now that I'm inspired, I'll attempt reading a book hailed by many as a good guide to good writing.  It's called "Bird by Bird," by Annie LaMott.  Surprised, though, to see so many people give it a "1" rating for poor.  I really should review books before buying them...I hope I don't regret buying this one.
I have my own procedure for writing....get comfortable (in bed now with my feet up)....problem is, I keep dozing.  Choloe is up here with me.

What else, get down on my knees and say a prayer, walk the dog, have a healthy meal, and relax!  Will check back and let you know how things to out be continued...

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Corks and Curls, 1917

picture of my dad on track team

1917 copy from Google Scholar

this is something else!   our dad's picture is with the track team but I got so excited when i saw it i forgot to note the page # .  it's about half way through in the sports section.

also, name is on p. 71 listing his memberships...was really surprised to see the track team...

The front of the yearbook has an interesting article about students finding dusty artifacts in a basement at  included was a slip slowing when Edgar Allen Poe's book was due at the library.

you address there:  6 East Lawn?  I think Poe lived on the West Range...


let me know if you have problems seeing it and will send again.

sent to John on July 31st, 2016

Corks and Curls, 1917

In the Corks and Curls for 1917, I found a reference for my father, Albert A. Stone, Jr.  ---

Track Team, 1916
J and J
German Club

from Google Scholar