Wednesday, March 30, 2016



In the deserts of the heart
let the healing fountains start

bodies awaken
open, release tension
rigidity lingers in suspension
open up
 release creative spirit
activate alleviate
dance the music not the steps
a language that crosses borders

Heidi's Eyes

Heidi's Eyes

Heidi's eyes are green
they match the gleam of glass
seductive they scan
like cameras they pan
 each dancer's face
exploring a circle of space

Heidi's Eyes

Heidi's Eyes

Heidi's eyes are green
they match the gleam of glass

Today's Blessings

I saw a grey fox outside the classroom window at the Center for Integrative Medicine.

Went to the Joyful Jewel and was inspired the art pieces there.

Checked out Fearrington Village and photographed the cows.

Attended a lecture on World War One poets.

Went to my Writing to Heal class.  That class is so calming.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


I stepped down on my left foot a couple of weeks ago ---  big OUCH!  Seeing a foot specialist on Friday.

Feeling "out of kilter."  I think I need to do some hip stretches.  Found the link about from a physical therapist in Canada.   Looks good!  I did the hip flexors a little while ago.

It's a start!

Work-out today:  Pilates at the Y with Connie Winstead, stretches, and a walk around the complex.
Sun's out!  Beautiful day.  Heading outside.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Gratitude This Easter

 For the rain tapping out a rhythm on my windows

For new friends and old

Staying home and resting

Reading poems I wrote in my youth

Skyping with family in Brookline

Keeping it simple

Weight Gain After Knee Replacement

According to this article, weight gain is common after knee replacement.

It is hard to lose weight.  As a compulsive overeater who is 10 pounds overweight (yes, even 10 pounds can be a problem), I now have to lose this weight.   I put on 5 pounds with each knee.  I'm short and can't handle extra  weight.  I have a 12 step program that helps.

I made an arrangement with a personal trainer and my goal is to go to the gym every day.  I can already feel a difference after two sessions.  One modality I like is the TRX and the guidance of a personal trainer has been valuable.

I realize I need help in losing the extra weight and getting toned and sought it out.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Duke Ellington

The third movement from Three Black Kings by Duke Ellington, composed while he was in the hospital and finished by his son, Mercer.

One of the most gorgeous pieces of music I've ever heard.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin singing "Little Girl Blue," 1969.

What Makes a Dance a Dance?

What Makes a Dance a Dance?




A Poem for My Six Year Old Self

A Poem for My Six Year Old Self

I sit in a kneeling position
with legs heavy on the mat 
like shimmering liquid gold
 bring hands together in 
Namaste take five deep
breaths I am bright then

  shine  like a diamond

Sunday, March 20, 2016

I Ask You This

I Ask You This

When you dance, do you
feel the spirit of God within you?
Or are you eager as fire,
impetuous as the wind,
giving your body to the buoyant 
air?  Or do you, childlike, feel
the pull to frolic without looking up,
holding wonder like a loving cup?

Do you think of Isadora
and shout for a wider freedom?
Rising up on silvery wings
to music that surges and swings?

You are the rain, the bending grass,
the fire light and moon bright,
sister to the night and brother to  the stars,
and the world just wants to dance with you!

If Trump Wins

If Trump wins,
where will I go?
Australia would be nice.
No controversy there.
Or maybe New Zealand.
Or how about Morocco?
I could join the Peace Corps there.

Simple truth, is
He is a caricature of a human being.
Arrogant, mean, loud, sarcastic.
He would make the U. S. the
laughing stock of the world.

Sea of Faith

Sea of Faith

by John Brehm

Once when I was teaching “Dover Beach”
to a class of freshmen, a young woman
raised her hand and said, “I'm confused
about this 'Sea of Faith.' “ “Well,” I said,
“let's talk about it. We probably need
to talk a bit about figurative language.
What confuses you about it?”
“I mean, is it a real sea?” she asked.
“You mean, is it a real body of water
that you could point to on a map
or visit on a vacation?”
“Yes,” she said. “Is it a real sea?”
Oh Christ, I thought, is this where we are?
Next year I'll be teaching them the alphabet
and how to sound words out.
I'll have to teach them geography, apparently,
before we can move on to poetry.
I'll have to teach them history, too-
a few weeks on the Dark Ages might be instructive.
“Yes,” I wanted to say, “it is.
It is a real sea. In fact it flows
right into the Sea of Ignorance
Let me throw you a Rope of Salvation
before the Sharks of Desire gobble you up.
Let me hoist you back up onto this Ship of Fools
so that we might continue our search
for the Fountain of Youth. Here, take a drink
of this. It's fresh from the River of Forgetfulness.”
But of course I didn't say any of that.
I tried to explain in such a way
as to protect her from humiliation,
tried to explain that poets
often speak of things that don't exist.
It was only much later that I wished
I could have answered differently,
only after I'd betrayed myself
and been betrayed that I wished
it was true, wished there really was a Sea of Faith
that you could wade out into,
dive under its blue and magic waters,
hold your breath, swim like a fish
down to the bottom, and then emerge again
able to believe in everything, faithful
and unafraid to ask even the simplest of questions,
happy to have them simply answered.

Seasons Past

his voice recalls past and present seasons

and Christmas
when we used to read toy catalogs
and search for Christmas gifts
left by our parents

a Lady Alexander doll
a pair of roller skates
a Candy Land game and a
b b gun not yet wrapped
all hidden in the vestibule.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Pandora's Box

Pandora's Box?

I got a cat eight months ago
got her from the Orange County Animal Shelter
I'd been wanting a cat
for company
for comfort

have I only opened a Pandora's Box of frustrations?
This cat one really tests my patience!
When I'm trying to write, she jumps up and sits right on my keyboard.
Usually on my hand.
As if to say "here I am."
Then I have to put her in my room where she sleeps and claws at my favorite chair.

Her claws are too long.
She has put on weight because I feed her just so she won't bug me
She's supposed to comfort me and not jump on things.
She bangs on my door in the morning when I'm trying to rest.
She jumps on the dining table when I'm trying to eat.
I can't sleep with her because she would be all over the place.

But I love to have someone to come home to.
And rub against my legs.
And play with.
A ball of tin foil will do
and she likes the pen light.

And she has the kindest eyes
and the softest fur.
And besides, she loves me.

I think I'll keep her!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Nancy Carter

Met her in the women's locker room at the Y several months ago.  She'd been swimming and I had been doing my "jogging in the water."  We chatted for a while after getting dressed.  She's a poet.  How fortuitous!  I'm amazed that I would meet another poet in Chapel Hill, but why not!

Met her again today.  She came over to say hello while I was checking my email.  We talked about her poetry that's coming out in May ...  Sunday Dinner at the Farm (about her grandparents in Pennsylvania -- Muncy).  I love the cover of a photo of pigs taken by her husband.  I'll probably buy the book for that alone.

Finishing Line Press will be publishing it.

She's been published in Anima....I've heard of it but it's no longer around.  I just keep getting rejection slips but I'm not going to quit.  I'll need to go to Lilly Library and read poetry journals.  I did find one online, that I like a lot, One Throne.

Here's Nancy's book ----

Saving the Children draft

They moved your mother's bed to the center of the room
more protected from the Germans there

she died in ten days

yes, Dora was Jewish
papers were signed
she got to the South of France
bombing had started and she hurried to the
Jewish Quarter where a
nineteen year old Marcel Marceau
became part of the resistance

on the first of september
germany walked into Poland
and immediately the English
and the French declared war
on Germany 
within twenty four hours, our
hotel, which had been full

a Jewish nurse became a
how many children did she save?
she says she is not
a hero
real heroes do not need
and that is why she received
the medal from
the French legion of honor.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Martin Luther King Extravaganza With John Brown and William Curry

John Brown and William Curry can certainly command an audience, sometimes with just a gesture. And the repartee between the two is just fabulous...I enjoy the way William Curry raises his baton when a new artist is introduced or comes onto the stage...what a delightful gesture of respect.

Rene Marie, the guest singer for the evening was "scatting" with the audience while singing "Route 66."  True entertainment.

An actor by the name of Keith Snipes recited from memory King's speech "The Meaning of Jazz" and even sounded like King.

The "3 Black Kings" piece was unforgettable!  This made me want to bawl like a baby.  William Curry said the same thing when we talked back stage.  The piece is like a waltz and I thought of my little granddaughter.  Holding her and waltzing around.  The violin in that piece is awesome.

William Curry is a Teacher!  He told the audience how Louis Armstrong criticized Eisenhower for INACTION.

I spoke with the 1st trumpet play from Charleston (Charlton Singleton?) and asked him how it felt to play the beginning notes from It's a Wonderful World...It was awe inspiring.

Monday, March 7, 2016

The Smartest Students in the World

This is the title of a book about the Finnish system of education.  


Note that the U. S. isn't included, but Poland is.

School Rankings

I just found a website called School Digger that shows the rankings of over 1400 elementary schools in NC.  Some of the best locally are:

Woods Charter in Chapel Hill

Morris Grove, Chapel Hill

Scroggs, Chapel Hill

McDougle, Chapel Hill

Estes Hills, Chapel Hill

Central Park, Durham


My hope for Durham is for all people, Asian, Black, Caucasian, Hispanic, to get along.


The other night I was listening to a speech by Franklin Roosevelt called "The Four Freedoms."  Eloquent and up-lifting, such a contrast to what we are hearing now in the U. S. Presidential elections.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

The River

The River

I behold once more
My old familiar haunts; here the blue river,
The same blue wonder that my infant eye
Admired, sage doubting where the traveller came…
Fragrant roots in my father’s fields,
And everywhere in the world he went.
Look, here he is, unaltered, except that now
He his land is flooded and here
is the rock where, as a simple child,
I caught with bended pin my earliest fish,
Much triumphing, —and these the fields
Over whose flowers I chased the butterfly,
A blooming hunter of a fairy fine.
And listen, where overhead the ancient crows
Hold their sour conversation in the sky:—
These are the same, but I am not the same,
But wiser than I was, and wise enough
Not to regret the changes, tho’ they cost
Me many a sigh. Oh, call not Nature dumb;
These trees and stones are audible to me,
These idle flowers, that tremble in the wind,
I understand their faery syllables,
And all their sad significance. The wind,
That rustles down the well-known forest road—
It has a sound more eloquent than speech.
The stream, the trees, the grass, the sighing wind,
All of them utter sounds of amonishment
And grave parental love.
They are not of our race, they seem to say,
And yet have knowledge of our moral race,
And somewhat of majestic sympathy,
Something of pity for the puny clay,
That holds and boasts the immeasurable mind.
I feel as I were welcome to these trees
After long months of weary wandering,
Acknowledged by their hospitable boughs;
They know me as their daughter, for side by side,
They were co-exist with my ancestors,
Adorned with my country’s primitive times,

And soon may give my dust their dark shade.

Ralph Waldo Emerson