Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Martin Luther King Extravaganza With John Brown and William Curry

John Brown and William Curry can certainly command an audience, sometimes with just a gesture. And the repartee between the two is just fabulous...I enjoy the way William Curry raises his baton when a new artist is introduced or comes onto the stage...what a delightful gesture of respect.

Rene Marie, the guest singer for the evening was "scatting" with the audience while singing "Route 66."  True entertainment.

An actor by the name of Keith Snipes recited from memory King's speech "The Meaning of Jazz" and even sounded like King.

The "3 Black Kings" piece was unforgettable!  This made me want to bawl like a baby.  William Curry said the same thing when we talked back stage.  The piece is like a waltz and I thought of my little granddaughter.  Holding her and waltzing around.  The violin in that piece is awesome.

William Curry is a Teacher!  He told the audience how Louis Armstrong criticized Eisenhower for INACTION.

I spoke with the 1st trumpet play from Charleston (Charlton Singleton?) and asked him how it felt to play the beginning notes from It's a Wonderful World...It was awe inspiring.

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