Saturday, March 19, 2016

Pandora's Box

Pandora's Box?

I got a cat eight months ago
got her from the Orange County Animal Shelter
I'd been wanting a cat
for company
for comfort

have I only opened a Pandora's Box of frustrations?
This cat one really tests my patience!
When I'm trying to write, she jumps up and sits right on my keyboard.
Usually on my hand.
As if to say "here I am."
Then I have to put her in my room where she sleeps and claws at my favorite chair.

Her claws are too long.
She has put on weight because I feed her just so she won't bug me
She's supposed to comfort me and not jump on things.
She bangs on my door in the morning when I'm trying to rest.
She jumps on the dining table when I'm trying to eat.
I can't sleep with her because she would be all over the place.

But I love to have someone to come home to.
And rub against my legs.
And play with.
A ball of tin foil will do
and she likes the pen light.

And she has the kindest eyes
and the softest fur.
And besides, she loves me.

I think I'll keep her!

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