Monday, August 31, 2015

30 things I'm grateful for

my sweet loving kitty
up-coming trip to Brookline
selling another book
job interview went well
nice couple next door
putting things in God's hands
an awesome church
friend Isabella
emails from my brother
joining a kindness website
avoiding the news
taking a class
a good education
cleaning my patio and getting flowers
fun at the ball game last night
the book i'm reading
a cool day
water aerobics
a new idea for a children's story about the molasses flood
all the new babies in church
a car in good shape and dependable also
compassion for self and others
Australia and their gun control laws
meet up groups
volunteer efforts
poetry readings
nice clean sheets and dream filled sleep

Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Rose for Alison (c)

Go, fierce death, please go.
(Schubert, "Death of a Maiden")

O you of fresh talent,
on the blush of youth,
taken from us too soon,
too soon.

Innocent, and brimming 
with enthusiasm,
your image captivated millions
as we witnessed your savvy
and skill,
so keen for one so young,

for the one who did this
to you, to us, to the world.

You had the sweetest and 
most comprehensive soul
hewed from a heart of gold.

Shine on, in truth and beauty.

by Dana Stone

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Found and Lost

He approached me after the 
open mic
I could see him listening with interest as I
stumbled over
the word "cacacaphony,"
putting emphasis on the third
syllable rather than
the second.

"It's ok," he told me.
"It endears you to everyone 
all the more."

We continued the chat for an hour
on the patio of the cafe
and he offered to show me around Durham
some time
then emailed me next day about a hike and picnic.

It was not to be.
Too many differences.
It seems that chemistry blinds
us to a person's character.
I'm still reeling a bit over this.
He was awfully handsome.
But not what I need right now.

Next time,
I'll propose tea.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My Last Night in Black Mountain

     I drove over to the Black Mountain College Museum in Asheville this afternoon.  The poet Jonathan Williams was in one documentary there in which he described what it was like being a student at the College. Also watched the dvd, Fully Awake which had Arthur Penn, Charles Stix, Merce Cunningham, and many others sharing their memories about the school.

     Lunch was at the Sprouted Seed then headed over to the Thomas Wolfe museum.  I really should read :  "Look Homeward, Angel."  The guide, Mr. Spivey, was excellent and told us that a film is coming out called Genius about Wolfe in December.

     Ended the evening with a book reading and signing at Malaprops.  David Payne read from Barefoot to Avelon.  Perfect end to a literary day.

Channeling Black Mountain College

Dark clouds cover
Eden Lake
as I read on the 
porch of 
The Studies Building.

was this the place where
Arthur Penn
directed his first play?
Where _______
led his philosophy class?

(more on the classes and the influence of BMC)

The List

The List

Black Mountain College
a place where teachers, 
students, and  families 
lived together on 
a campus that they helped 
to build, nurture, and grow.

Shared meals,
conversations begun
in the classroom 
continued at dinner and
into the night.

No grades
Students accepted into 
grad school with no 
questions asked

John Cage
Merce Cunningham
Willem de Kooning
(looking like Marlon Brando)
Buckminster Fuller
Ray Johnson
Robert Raschenberg
M. C. Richards
Arthur Penn

Changed the face of 
American art.

Friday, August 7, 2015

You're the Top

   You're the top,
just like Madame Curie,
you're the top,
you won't have to worry.
You've got the smile,
you've got the style,
so stop!
Oh Margot, you're the top!

You're the Charles,
you're the Boston Common.
you've got finesse,
like a Boston Brahman.
You're a melody,
a symphony,
by Bach.
Oh, Margot, you're the top!

You're the top,
just like Audrey Hepburn.
You're the top,
just like
Senator Warren,
You're a holiday,
a funny play by Spock!
Oh, Margot, you're the top. 

You're a rose
in the Minot Playground,
you're a boat
in the Bay of Broad Sound.
You make us smile,
we'd walk for miles,
or hop!
Oh, Margot you're the top.

You're a sigh


(Montreat, August, 2015)

Everywhere I look

sunlight on the hills

pre-schoolers walking in a line in front of me

strung together like little peas
on their way to do what pre-schoolers do best.

Joggers out for a morning run,
Me being warmed by the morning sun.

Chants being sung from the forest --
whoa - a - oh - a- oh
whoa - a oh - a - oh

A leaf blower shrieks
from the deck below.
The cacophony doesn't disturb me though.

Peace within, peace within.
Above, below, beside me.

Just being