Monday, December 31, 2012

A Gratitude List

 It's been said that keeping an attitude of gratitude is important.  Here's a list I composed several weeks ago:

1.Today I'm grateful that feelings are not facts.
2.For Prayer
3.That I have no pain
4.The idea of compassion.
5,I helped a friend.
6.I have something to look forward to tomorrow,
7.For Cari
8.My pharmacist
9.My doctor
10.for the phrase "this too shall pass."
11."Relax and take it easy."
12."God gave us a spirit of love, power, and a sound mind."
13.Deep breaths.
16.A friend who was just released from the hospital.
17.Having a Higher Power.
18.12 step prayers.
19.A peaceful house.
20.Abstinence today.
21.Support from OA friends
22.My pink stocking cap.
24.Basmati rice.
25.Public Radio
26.Hot showers
27.Turning it over
28.For organic bananas
29.And apples
40.for forgiveness God box
42.for rain
44.staying fully awake
45.saying thank you
46.for how it works tea
48.Sandy B.
49.working with others
50. 7 a.m. meeting
51.being non-judgemental
52.My Ipod
53.the Beatles
54.Dave Brubeck cat coming out of a fight nicely
56.the Modern Jazz Quartet
57.Pat Metheny skies that moves me
60.Alberta Hunter
61.attending a serenity day retreat today
62.Chuck brother and sister in law
64.Mary Ann
67.Raleigh laptop
69.the Internet
70.a Higher Power prayers for love and tolerance for all
72.all of you out there
76.slow dancing
77.being an incurable romantic
78.Brookline, MA
79.slow breathing Sunday school class
82.the color pink
83.step 10
84.Chapel Hill
85.a safe drive
86.gas and oil in my car
87.believing that God will do what I cannot do for myself
88.what Jesus said about forgiveness blog
90.letting go of what others think about me
91.taking action
92.for God guiding me
93.having a flexible body
94.the Durham group
95.wanting a better life
96.the music and culture of Raleigh
97.feeling my feelings opportunity to see the Lincoln film today
99.a peaceful feeling in my soul
100.letting go of fear
101.the phrase "Into Action"

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