Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Poem -- 1991

Christmas Poem for Chris

On this lovely Christmas Day,
I have so very much to say
To the special little boy,
Who has brought me so much joy.
But what I hold most dear
Is your help throughout the year.

So thanks from deep within my heart,
Because you certainly do your part,
In so many, many ways
To lighten and brighten our days.

And what are some of the things that you do?
Why, I’ll count them off, two by two.

You clean your room
With never a moan
You carry the groceries
With never a groan.

You’re a friend to your friends.
You share and help out.
You rise early for school,
With never a pout.

You play soccer each year
And root for the team.
Your attitude is sunny,
Your smile, a sunbeam.

Your mind is awash
With fun things to do.
Reading is one
That I love, too.

Your spirit is kind,
Your love fills the ocean.
When my friend died last fall,
You gave all your devotion.

You’re eight years old,
Full of energy and play,
And how I love to check out
How you’ve grown every day.

It’s Christmas time now,
And though we haven’t a lot,
You’re mostly concerned
With what others have not.

In this age of tv
Advertisements galore,
You are mostly concerned
With the plight of the poor.

No cries “gimme, gimme”
Do I hear from you, Chris
You have managed to capture
The true meaning of Christmas.

May we keep our concern
And the spread of good cheer
Alive throughout
The rest of the year.

And a long time from now
And of this I am glad,
You’re going to be
A very fine dad.

And I must confess,
To all I say:
Being part of a family
Is great everyday!

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