Thursday, April 7, 2016

Sue Was the One

Sue Was the One

Who wiped the tears
Massaged her back and of all her fears
Took her to practice at middle school
Joined her after for a game of pool
Stayed up late and paid for the lessons
She was never one to ignore her blessings
Worked two jobs while Ravi played
everywhere from England and to Bombay
Sue was the one who believed in her
Who never gave up when it was all a blur
And finally when the first album came
She was the one who took the blame

for divorcing the man who fathered their child
who grew up to become a spirit so wild
that wild horses couldn't even restrain her
as she lassoed the world and who could blame her
for overlooking the father who was barely there
during the stress and the problems of her first affair

she hardly saw him after that
or called to have a little chat
some things are better left unsaid
it's not that she's angry, she's only sad
sad for the days of celebration
at her birthday and later, graduations
she changed her name to match her mother's
at her father's name she merely shudders

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