Thursday, April 7, 2016

Ballad for Jesse and Nora

Ballad for Jesse and Nora

Hitchhiking on a lonely Texas road
Past beer joints and a honky tonk or two
Lonely as hell and itching for action
Never having much satisfaction

Guitar in hand and sheet music in tow
then a pickup stops and offers a ride
With dust kicking up like they were on the lam
They arrive at the college for late night jam

With Jesse on bass and Nora on piano
Frank on sax and Al on cello
Those four jazzed on into the night
A spontaneous grouping sounding just right.

Deep in the hollow of his heart
He longed for a collaborator
Some kind of fire to burn him in flames
He just wanted to start all over again

He found his songstress and headed North
Performing in coffee shops around Lincoln Center
And while she bargained in tune with his musical dreams
Their friendship forged their musical schemes

And that was the start of an illustrious career
Five Grammys in just a year
Contract with Blue Note and a world-wide tour
Jesse and Nora took the world by storm


Google Doodle featured Ravi Shankar today which led me to his daughter, Nora Jones, and the story of her rise to fame, and this quick poem.  ds

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