Saturday, January 23, 2016


      Cold as *#@k outside and I'm not going anywhere.  Actually, I couldn't even if I wanted to.  Our parking lot looks like an ice rink.  I'll exercise indoors.  Yoga, stretching, my stationary bike, weights.     I'm working on a creative nonfiction essay of about 3000 words on Hurricane Katrina.  Found some oral histories that should be an interesting addition.

     Let's see --soup, beans and rice, frozen veggies, a little low on fruit.  Should be fine here for a few days.  Later, I'll put on my hiking boots to get my mail, if the mail is even being delivered!  I wonder...

     It looks like D. C. could have the blizzard of the century.  The storm is heading up the coast and N. C. got smacked pretty well.  D. C. will come to a standstill with two feet of snow.

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