Thursday, January 7, 2016

Five Good Things

1.  Just back from the orthopedic office where I had knee x rays done to show how things have been progrelessing since my knee replacements.  My knees are perfect!  I can do just about everything except twirl around.  Good to see Jamie and the crew again.  Same staff, same great service.

2.  Grateful for my neighbor and church friend who gave me rides to the doctors this week.

3.  I'm feeling better than ever.  New knees, new lease on life.

4.  Had beautiful dreams last night.  That I found an intentional community in Missouri.  It was beautiful with a lake and artists' studios.  So real!

5.  Applied for 4 jobs to Duke (probably along with hundreds of others).  Who DOESN'T want to work for Duke.

6.  The assoc. ed. job is still available at the Sun.  Great magazine!  I'll apply on Friday.

7.  Feeling so much better after getting the wax removed from my ears yesterday.  Hearing better, too.

8.  John and Sue coming to dinner tomorrow for soup.  Might make risotto rice too.

9.  Lunch next week with Franklin.

10. My buddy from church, Brandon, is a dear.  Took me for an appt. while my car's in the shop.

11.  Interesting that I have some readers in Russia.  I like that.

12.  Oh, and Jenny had her baby.

13.  And i thought of a poem to write, Lady Jonah.

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