Thursday, January 7, 2016

Slavery - Ed Baptist talk

   Ed Baptist (originally from Durham) , author of The Half that's Never Been Told, gave a lecture at St. Phillips last week.  He's a professor of history at Cornell.  Points that were most interesting:

1.  He spoke about an enslaved person named Louis Hughes who wrote "Thirty Years a Slave"  He was from Virginia (Scottsville) and moved to Arkansas.

2.  I need to look at WPA narratives.

3.  In ante- bellum U. S. women were encouraged to have one outfit per day.

4.  Enslaved persons represented a huge commodity, even bigger than cotton.

 5.  When Louis Hughes went back to get his belongings, his former owner said -- "I wish you luck, bad luck"

6.  He said he "was stole, not sold."

7.  look at Paul Jennings

8.  the book Ebony and Ivy.

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