Saturday, January 9, 2016

Romance Fiction


(the guy in the photo reminds me of Heath Ledger)

Well, today I attended a program on romance fiction that featured the film "Romance Writers of America."  75 million Americans read romance fiction and I'm not one of them!  No wait, Nora Roberts was one of the writers in the film.  And man is she successful!

“We pay the bills, one said.   “We keep the lights on,” another said.  Mary Bly said she only wanted to read romances as a chid ---  her father  was a poet and her mother was a teacher.  Love, loyaly, loss courage.   We learn core values from fiction.

Spoke with Sabrina Jeffries for a while.  She writes in Cary and this is her pen name.  She has 8 million books in print!  How cow!  She's a former academe from Tulane.

Tragic love, failed love, lost gained.  Women always win in the end.   You can have sex without dying horribly, a real plus.

Beverly Johnson said “there wasn’t anyone writing for us (black) women. There was never anyone who thought black women were beautiful.

 You Had Me From Hello

Black Mountain Breakdown
Sea grove Summer   these would make great titles for my books :-)

Romance fiction is demonized because it’s about women, for women, and by women.  Celeste Donavan is one…her first book fetched $7000 and her husband  told her she would still have have to work..  He didn’t see writing as work,  much less something that  would could bring as much money as his profession as a doctor brings.

There are gay writers like…….who was in medical school and visited Giovanni’s Room. 

 Write like a man….do the best you can at that moment.

Dictating….map out the plot….

The flame is always at your ass…try to get out 2 books a year. 

Think about a couple and the children they are going to have….

A man who treats you like a princess….

Debbie McCromber is a successful author.
“The publishing house has the power.”

My dream:  In the dream, I was in Missouri at an intentional living space.  People were writing and studying in these cozy little spaces.  Outside I climbed a stone wall and a young boy let me through a gate.  I felt like I had come home.         

Boldstroke  Books:  a publishing house run by a former surgeon who's gay. Radclyfe books is  another publisher.

The Well of Loneliness is about a lesbian who kills herself and is such a downer…I never knew that!

Write the first book!!!!

Try reading a Celeste Holmes book.

Sabrina Jefferies from NC “tossed aside a career in academics to write fun novels.”  She was enthralled by Judith McNaught. 

Lisa Shepard  revolutionized cataloging of romance novels.

Jennifer Loeman, writer for Harlequin and a librarian.


Some ideas for MY stories include 
Otis Redding,
Aretha Franklin
John Coltrane

You Had Me From Hello
Black Mountain Breakdown
Seagrove Summer

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