Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Popular Wisdom by Peter Makuk

Popular Wisdom, A Duo

Opportunity knocks.                                                 
I know, but money talks.                                                       

You telling me?                                                                      
Hey, I’m telling it like it is.                                        

It’s a jungle out there.                                                
Same page, man.  Dog eat dog.                                                           

But it’s no reflection on us.                                       
Right, it’s what’s happening.                                                

It takes all kinds.                                
You take the good with the bad.                                            

But it doesn’t pay to be nice.
Yeah, nice guys finish last.

Winners never quit.
And quitters—well, you know.

You learn from experience.
It’s the best teacher.

You can say that again.
No, man, that’s the bottomline.

Good, now I can breathe.
What?  A sigh of relief?

(I like this satirical poem by Peter Makuk.  Peter was last year's poetry chair at the NC Writers Conference in Wrightsville.)

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