Monday, March 24, 2014

Bluebirds: 2014

This year I'm tracking them

March 22:  The male and female are here!  Male posed on the feeder and the female inspected inside the house.

March 23:  The male went into the house and there was no sign of the female.

March 24:  Saw the male again at 8 a.m. but not the female.

(photos from Mar. 24th)

March 26, 2014:  No sign of the female today.  Saw the male on top of the feeder where he likes to sit.

March 27, 2014:  8:20 a.m.  Saw the female, who looks "big with child!"  This morning the male and female were standing together on top of the birdhouse.  Such togetherness!  The female went in while the male remained at the opening.  Like he was protecting her.  The female came out then went back in for a few minutes.  No sign yet of building a nest.

March 31, 2014:  Both the male and female hung around the birdhouse throughout the day :-)  I cleaned out the bottom of the birthhouse.  Wonder when they will start building the nest?  They look like they are "nesting."

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