Monday, March 24, 2014

Cousin Andy's Ancestors during the Civil War

got an email from cousin Andy last week:

"managed to get on a train of wounded back to Richmond from Manassas without having his leg amputated. He ended up staying with the family of  his Uncle, Gen. Joseph Ried Anderson who owned the Tredegar Iron Works and was nursed back to health by his cousin Ellen Graham Anderson.  (JRA was a field commander early in the war but was later brought back to Richmond to run the Tredegar because of its importance to the Confederacy.  They married but she only lived about a year – not sure of her cause of death but could have been childbirth. His second wife was Mary Louisa Blair and the youngest daughter was named Ellen Graham Anderson. MLB’s father was Col. William Barrett Blair and his wife was Judith Cornelia Nichol (daughter of Gov. Nichol of NY.) So we had conflicting loyalties within the family.

We plan to get to Richmond in the future and hope to see you.


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