Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Gratitude List

2, honesty
3.  friends
4. for knowing when to quit
5. love of self and others
6. amends
7. energy
8. hope
9. family
10. a talent for writing
11. the church I attend
12.the gifts of the program
13.a marathon today
14.the concept of "keep coming back"
15.a chance to rest son and daughter in law
18.poetry of Richard Blanco friend Beverly in Durham
20,my church
21.Joy in Oregon
22.April in Pennsylvania
23.for having submitted a manuscript
24.for the expectation of spending time with my little grand niece and nephew
25.for my parents because without them I wouldn't be here.
26.for seeing 3 people from church today
27.for my friend Rhea in NY
28.for coming back
29.for Netflix
31.dinner tonight
32.for nice dreams
33.for the writers' conference I went to
34.for the memory of lying on the beach 2 weeks ago in my swimsuit when it was 75 degrees
35.for moderate meals
36.for NC State
37.for Franklin
38.and his wife and children
39.for dark red cherries
40.for writers
50.for having a potential buyer for my house
51.for being open to change
52.for looking at a condo today
53.for a wonderful Thanksgiving meal and time spent relaxing
54.for a good night's sleep
55.for a good book to read
56.for energy
57.for connecting with my cousin
58.for a good belly laugh
59.for love in my life

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