Monday, November 4, 2013

Eleventh Step Questions and Answers

1.  How does step 11 challenge me? 
answer ---  sometimes I still think I'm in control.
Program teaches "to seek more direct contact with God."
Move forward and let go.

2.  What is my belief about recovery through a spiritual relationship with a power greater than myself?
answer ---I can't rely on my own unsteady will power to recover.  I need God's help.  I have to surrender again and again.
3.  In what ways do I actively improve my relationship with an HP?
answer--- I practice Centering Prayer which I feel puts me in direct contact with God.
I ASK   for God's guidance.
I look to God as my strength and guidance.

4.  how important is it for me to have a regular quiet time for prayer and meditation?
answer---  Very important.  I like to do this first thing in the morning.  Centering Prayer for min.
I also try to "check in with God."
I ask for help.  God, help me to do your will.
5.  What do I say when I talk to God?
Whatever feel is right.
Ask God to take away my fear and insecurity
To help me be more trusting.
I say my gratitude
I ask G to help me grow in faith.
I express my gratitude.
6.  Am I afraid to express my honest feelings to God?  When and why?
answer---no because faith is more powerful fear and I ask for G's blessing as I am honest in expressing my feelings.
7.What knowledge do I need to ask God?
answer--for strength to His will for me.
8.When have I felt angry with God?
answer---When my prayers are not answered.  I am impatient.  I've been praying for my house to sell.  It hasn't yet but I continue to have faith.
9.  In what tangible ways can I communicate with God?
answer---what is the next right thing to do.
10.  What is meditation?
answer -- listening to God's voice
11.  What does meditation offer me?
answer--a a chance to be alone with God.  A chance to calm my mind.
12.  How do I know which thoughts are God's directions and which are my own rationalizations?
answer---God's thoughts are encouraging!
13.  How does time spent in prayer and meditation affect me?
answer--  keeps me focused and moving in a forward direction.

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