Wednesday, November 13, 2013

NC Writers' Conference

     I'll be attending my first conference for the North Carolina Writers' Network in two days.  It's at Wrightsville Beach.  I'm having some real anxiety over this.  Fear at reading my poetry in front of a group.  Heck, I did it last week-end.  What's so different about this week-end?  I can do this.

My choices are:  "Getting Old Sucks" and "Pink Slip."  Read them both to a friend, she liked them.

My brother, John, has become my muse.  He edited "Good morning, Tarboro."

What will the weather be like on the Coast?  Will the car hold up?  Will I hold up?  I hope there aren't too many poems about death, violence, and suffering.  God!

I just read over NC State's MFA in creative writing program.  It is awesome.  Ten students a year. I dare?

Taking some food on the road Friday....let's see.  Quiche and NUTS!  and fruit!  Just wish I could play some cd's but the danged changer is broken.  STILL!

Tomorrow morning I interview Fleet Sugg.  Recorder's ready and I have my questions.  Planning for 30 minutes.  Deep breaths, and bring on the camomile tea.

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