Saturday, November 9, 2013

"Getting Old Sucks" (c)

"Getting old sucks,"
the film star said.
But it's really not so, 
Not if you live
to take care of yourself,
and continue to grow.
Keep learning,
Keep smiling.

Bette Davis
said, "getting old sucks."
But I don't believe it.
And how would I know?
Because of Mick Jagger
and Barry Manilow.
And what about Paul McCartney?
 These guys rock, they don't suck.
They will die standing up.

I listen to rock,
I volunteer,
and create
(I'd rather not hate).
I talk on the phone.

I dye my hair.
Have an affair (or maybe not).

 I like to keep boringness 
out of my life
I seek out those
who are spontaneous.
I stay positive,
Don't put on airs.
(Call me Dana,
not Miss Dana,
not Miss Stone.)

Take a vacation,
find inspiration
in my work.
My work.
I'm worth it.

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