Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wild Goose Festival

     I got a ticket to the Wild Goose Festival, which will be held at Hot Springs, North Carolina.  There's a full schedule of speakers and events.  The question is -- transportation...hoping I might ride with someone but haven't heard yet.

      I just found out about this festival on Monday.  It's a 5 hour drive -- will need to get the car looked at and get some tick repellant if I go.  It all sounds very lively and stimulating.   The other issue is where am I going to sleep?  There are going to be about 2,000 people at this event.

     Frank Schaeffer will be one of the speakers.  His father was Francis Schaeffer the conservative theologian.  Frank, or Franky as he was called as a young man, was a bit of a wild child apparently.  Spoiled rotten but also neglected by his busy parents.  Frank has written a book about his father,
Crazy for God, in which he exposes some family secrets like abuse and Frank's break with the right.

     I stayed at Dutch l'abri in the Netherlands in my late 20's.  L'abri is part part of the world wide network of retreat centers founded by Francis Schaeffer.  I see that the big white house still stands after all these years.  Wow.

     So, I didn't go.  Too much to do here in Durham, but I've got this show on my schedule for next year.  Whoopee!  I can volunteer!

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