Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Big Red, Part Two

"Someone's in the kitchen with Dinah,
someone's in the kitchen I know..."

Circling continues
movement flows
Many smiles.

"Are you doing ok"?

For now, a respite
before transitioning to lily pads
with  feet spiraling
legs unfolding
moving, living, breathing!

Yes, thank you!

"You had homework from yesterday
Are you ready?"

the homework to me
like a warm up for a recital at Carnegie Hall.
Go ahead, take my breath away!

Josephine agrees.  She was a dancer.
Moved here from Berkeley last year.
We know
this is spectacular.
To be here witnessing
is very very special indeed.

Gerri Houlihan
was born to dance
shares the joy
shares the love
the passion.

"Can you believe I get paid to do this?"

Andy's voice comes through a cloud
transforms the space
I am speechless --
Thank you, Andy Hasenpflug
from Slippery Rock
so good to see you again.

The student A.J,
speaks with me
studied Limon technique at VCU
I shall send him this poem.

Wishing Sarah could be here
to share in the tableau.

It is true.  Dance is life itself.
Woman with a braid spreads her
embraces the space
spins effortlessly     glides
this is joyful
this is spiritual

The Daughter of Dance comes forward
to demonstrate
rounde de jambe
pliĆ©   pliĆ©
a Vizcaya moment

all shimmery and golden

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