Saturday, July 4, 2015

Life of a Saint

Life of a Saint
“Give me a song of hope, and a world where I can sing it.” – Pauli Murray

Independent thinker
Daughter of an educator and a nurse
Granddaughter of a slave
Raised to be proud of her identity --
Orphened at three.

Whisperings of lynchings
            The KKK
Tempered by teachers from Wilberforce and Howard

Proud shoes led to a law degree
But not from UNC
(Because of her race)
Or from Harvard
(because of her gender)
But from Howard University   
                First in her class
                          Accolades from Ginsberg and Kennedy

From academia to seminary
Ordained as the first black priest
At the Chapel of the Cross
Her grandmother was baptized there

Following in the footsteps of Jesus,

Advocating human rights of all.

Pauli was ordained a saint in the Episcopal Church on July 1, 2012 because of her tireless work as a lawyer and advocate for civil and labor rights.

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