Saturday, February 23, 2013

The House on Second Street (c)

The house on Second Street,
A product of the Gilded Age.
Marbled bathrooms,
Gas lights,
Brocaded curtains,
And porcelain in the parlor.
Waterford crystal,
Oriental rugs,
Tiffany lamps,
Add a servant or two, 
 Serving cocktails at 5.

Mysterious rooms,
Each painted a different color,
green, blue.
Imposing, dark.
Along came two young children,
One a toddler,
The other five,
Who laughed and teased,
And toured the downstairs
on a trike and a
Laughter and innocence
 Echoed off those walls,

Then the two,
Husband and wife,
Each to his own room.
Now everyone had their
Own big room,
Containing secrets,
No more, no more.

Like smoke,
those memories have faded
into their proper hue,
of gentle green and blue.
We can breathe now--
Well loved and
And secure.

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