Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Letter to God (c)

     Dear God,

     I'm just waiting for you to point me in the right direction.  Is it here -- or there?  I was at NC State last night -- Withers Hall, where there was a lecture on Lincoln by the renowned scholar, James McPherson.  On the way there. I noticed a few neighborhoods and thought to myself, "I could live there!"    Or what about those cute white cottages, all in a row?
     That night, I had a wonderful dream about being in Richmond at an arts festival where there was good conversation, good food.  Rich wood.  Sunshine. A glow.  Good friends.  A sense of belonging.    Intellectual stimulation.
     So how about it, God?  I'm not asking for a parting of the Red Sea, here!  I'm just asking for a small break.  I need a little help here.  Don't let me mess this up!
     I will keep in mind:  what is important?
     "This too shall pass,"  is the answer I hear.
      I can trust in myself.  I can trust in You.

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