Monday, October 10, 2016

Trump Melt Down Continues

     The defensive, arrogant posture that Donald Trump initiated during the first Presidential debate, continuted through last night's exchange.  Broadcast from St. Louis, the format took shape as a Town Hall discussion, with imput from the audience, as well as viewers sending questions via Facebook.

     Several days before, on Friday, October 7th, the air waves were struck by a video/audio of Trump's vile locker room talk, in which he bragged about how, because he was famous, he could "grab women by the can do anything."

     His appearence last night during the second Presidential debate, did little to assure voters of his contriteness over this remark.  Quite the contrary.   His remarks were far from apologetic and in fact, focused mainly on "her" (Hillary Clinton's) shortcomings.  Trump really owes an apology to his daughter (whom he agreed was "a piece of ass") and to the women of the United States, as well.

     Trump dug himself further into a hole by saying that if he were President, he would order "his" attorney general to have a special prosecutor to "look into" Mrs. Clinton's affairs.  In response, Hillary Clinton implied that it would be inappropriate to have someone of Trump's character as President, to which Trump retorted that if he were President, Hillary Clinton would be "in jail."

     This shows that Donald Trump is clearly ignorant of even basic civics, because the President of the United States cannot order an adversery jailed.  That would be more characteristic of a dictator.

     I can only hope that Trump will be defeated.  Yesterday, I went out with a church group to register voters.  Our group actually got 7 people registered.  Being non-partisan, we can't tell them who to vote for, but 7 more people are now more likely to vote than before.  I'm trying to do my part.

     Having just watched a White House performance of "Hamilton," I feel embarassed by what is happening in our country now.  The Founding Fathers must be spinning in their graves.

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