Monday, October 3, 2016

How I Spent My Sabbath

At church I visited with friends Alex, Whitley, Anna, Marvin, and Erin. And what a treat to see the Rubistellos!  Hope they will be able to make the pilgrimage to Durham often.

After church, I watched the field hocky game with Duke against Boston, chatted with a woman who had a beautiful bassat hound, and walked around the wall at East campus.  Then I went home for a delicious smoothie for lunch on my patio, put my feet up, and read the Sunday N & O.  

I celebrated the eve of Rosh Hashana over dinner with friends in Chatham County, driving past Jordan Lake and into some of the most beautiful country side around.  So much laughter and great conversation!  Exquisite food:  veggies and dip, gelfite fish, squash, Challah, chicken soup and matzo balls,and the traditional apples and honey.   I decided I'd make a good Jew!

I'm observing my first Rosh Hashana today and tomorrow by not working.  I work part time at a Jewish school and that experience has helped me learn about this "high holy day."  So I'm taking the next two days for "meditative rest" and reflection.  What a gift!

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