Monday, June 13, 2016

The Oldest Blooming Things

     My friend Bonnie Korta inspires me.  Every time we have lunch together she says the most interesting things!  Today she told me that "magnolias are the oldest blooming things."  What a thought!  (I'm not to crazy about magnolias).

     We also talked about Paul McCartney's song, "Blackbird."  He wrote it using a melody by Bach.  He and George Harrison played it together.  Funny, I forgot McCartney wrote this song.  I heard it played by a classical guitarist as I was walking through the hospital lobby.  Listening to it totally took away my anxiety.

     The song has an interesting history.  Supposedly the composer wrote it about race relations...

      We talked about Billy Collins and how I gave him my pin of Pompey Ducklegs.  I really need to send Collins a copy of it...I hope he guarded my pin, and appreciates it, dammit.

      Finally, I told her the story of the Glastonbury the legend goes that Joseph of Arimathea planted his staff into the groud and it sprouted into the Glastonbury Thorne....she'd never heard about that.

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