Thursday, June 23, 2016

20 Things to Remember for My Duke Interview

1.  Dress professionally and if it's not too hot, wear something navy.
2.  Make sure my bra straps aren't showing.
3.  Strike the Rocky pose and play the song.
4.  Memoize Emerson's "For Today" quote.
5.  Read more issues of Duke Magazine
6.  Check the oil in the car before leaving.
7.  Consider taking the bus.
8.  If driving, allow 30 min. to arrive.
9.  Bring along my sense of humor.
10. Elaborate on my passion for libraries, research, customer engagement, marketing, promotion, outreach, hospitality, Duke events.
11. Interview the interviewer.
12. Send a thank you note afterward.
13. Bring the resume
14. Bring the job description.
15. Have fun!

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