Wednesday, December 30, 2015

I Love My Corolla

     Over the holidays, my family suggested that I think about trading in my 15 year old Corolla with 212,000 miles on it.  So, my brother and I went over to this place called Auction Direct and I test drove a 2012 Yaris.  I enjoyed the ride except for not being able to stretch my leg out.  On the driver's side, there is an airbag compartment placed near the knee.  In addition to making for an uncomfortable fit, imagine the damage to your knee if the airbag deployed.

    I liked the set up of Auction Direct.  I had an appointment to speak with someone, Matt.  He was low key, likable, and knowledgeable.  I enjoyed the organization of the place -- no music playing so you can think about decisions, no noisy salesmen.  Clean, airy place.  The salesmen supposedly don't get commisions and you pay the advertised price, no haggling.  Auction Direct offered an enjoyable experience and there is no pressure to buy.

     My next stop was a Toyota dealership.  Different story that left me feeling annoyed, stressed, and irritated, same with the Nissan dealership.  But I did love the Versa.  Plenty of leg room; great looking car.

    Next I thought I'd try out a Spark.  But after reading reviews about engines blowing after 2 years, that one was out.

     So, I decided to give my Toyota a facelift.  She needs a paint job, and a good cleaning.  Took her to Maaco and the owner/mechanic there talked about how well made the Corollas were and how they had been known for getting 400,000 miles.  I started to fall in love all over again with her.  She has served me well, starts every time, and has never broken down.  Plus, she is fun to drive, comfy, and roomy.

     Turns out the Corolla has been the best selling car in the world since 1974 and is considered by Edmunds as one of the best cars of all time.  So, no immediate plans to part with her yet.  My next car purchase will probably be a Corolla, or maybe a Versa.  Since 1966, Corolla is still here!

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