Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Closing in On Christmas

     I've been reading The Polar Express around town, two schools so far, the Global Scholars Academy and Forest View.  It's great to share the classic story with a new generation.

(review clip)  "This book opens the possibility that Santa Claus -- as presented to most of us -- may not physically exist. It does this in a way that will allow children and their parents to ease into that question, a graceful move from the belief in a living St. Nick, to a belief in the spirit of Christmas."    Courtesy of Amazon

     I first read the tale to my son when we was about two.  We were in Alaska then.  Since I've moved I've lost the book, and the silver bell that came with it so I had to buy another copy.  Happy to have this classic back in the house!

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  1. I found the silver bell in the box of Christmas decorations in my shed.