Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Music of That Place

The Music of That Place

I woke up that morning to the sounds of humpback whales
breeching, their dorsal fins slapping the waves.  
My usual wake-up  call, so miraculous and playful.

The Great Land had called me, and I obeyed,
just taking my backpack and stayed for
six years,  through childbirth and divorce.  

On that day, the Glacier Princess was taking
Sitkans to Glacier Bay for an overnight stay.
No charge!  My baby is safe on the island with Mimi
and I'm whisked away on a catamaran to Glacier Bay.

This place, so primal yet spectacular
Puffins, eagles, 
mountain goats posing on ledges.
Orca play in our wake.
The passengers are sunning themselves,
soaking up rays to combat the long days
of rain and grey skies.

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