Saturday, October 3, 2015

Another God-Smack

Another God Smack

I was just in Harris Teeter in the spice section,
A small boy brushed against me and was admonished by 
his dad,
and I felt a little ticked 
not at him
but at how crowded Aldi had been
and getting my flu shot
at Rite Aid
(and how ridiculous the drug stores are here
in comparison to the ones in Paris
that are entirely holistic)
and at the silly music playing in 
the grocery store.

Not wanting the little boy to
think I was cross with him,
I turned around and saw he had a 
cookie sheet,
and said,
"Oh good, you reminded me to 
get a cookie sheet!"

He was adorable.
I found a cookie sheet to roast vegetables on.
The little boy and his dad moved on down the aisle.
I looked carefully at the father.
He looked like...
the writing instructor at Duke whose 
course i wanted to take.

"Excuse me...
do you teach a writing course at Duke?"
It was him, John Evans,
who introduced me to his son,
Zachary, age 7, fluent in French.
John and I spent a while chatting by the spices.
I told him I had been thinking about taking his course.
Starts soon.

I just mentioned this to someone yesterday,
Abbie.  At the Lakeside Y.

I asked Zachary if he could come over and play
with my cat.  While I write.
John invited me over to bake cookies.
Zac slipped in 4 boxes of Jello even
tho he didn't eat it the last time John made it.

John moved to Durham in 2012.
He partly inspired me to also.
That and ADF
And Duke.

And so I'm here, too!
Two knee replacements and one published
book later.
I'm here.

Thank You.

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