Friday, October 2, 2015

Brenda Pippin, Where Are You

Brenda Pippin, Where Are You?

Brenda, it was just 16 years ago
But seems like more.

September, 17, 1999
the day of the flood.

You, in the Pender Room of the library
Temporarily homeless
Cots set up
And enough supplies.
I’m wondering what that was like for you.

pissed that you didn’t come to work that day.
Didn’t believe the weather reports,
That you were flooded out.That half the town was under water.
Miss Management,
Typical tyrant,
Refusing to do what’s best for employees,
Opened the library anyway

When everything else was closed.

A causer of hardships.
Where is she now?
Who cares?
I need to hear from you,
To know that you are all right.

(Sixteen years ago last month, a "500 year flood" came to Tarboro, North Carolina and completely flooded the nearby town of Princeville. We were all without water and power for 2 weeks. The library was turned into a temporary shelter, for library employee, Brenda Pippin and her husband. I'm wondering where she is now.)

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