Saturday, May 17, 2014

Missing Annie

Seems like everywhere I turn,
there is a reminder of Annie,
Like finding the "Miracle Coat Cleaner"
under the sink, or
her silver food dish in the cupboard.
There are morsal of Ijams catfood around.
I loved the way she ate, taking her paw and scaping out
one pellet at a time.

I miss her night time playfulness.
and kissing her good night,
on the tip of her forehead,
oh what am I to do?
I need her back!

But it's good to not have her
during this move.
And I don't have to worry about
her roaming around in the yard.
Or being so cautious about opening
the back door.

She is probably enjoying her
new playmates.
Or sleeping.
I wonder if cats have
She loved to watch the bluebirds out the window,
casually turning her head to notice me in
the kitchen.

She will be fine,
and so will I.

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