Thursday, December 12, 2013

Safety Zone

Safety Zone

Hushed voices murmurred
in a corner of the room.
She called him closer,
"do you love me?"
"Yes," he replied.
But she knew better.
She shouldn't have had to ask.
The she asked him to leave the room.

She gave one final push,
so hard, she almost forgot to breathe.
Then, out he exploed,
like a cannonball,
a sudden surprise of flesh and blood.

The hush was palpatable.
He wasn't crying.
Not a sound.
She strained to hear something.
But nothing...
Just the anxious voice of the doctor,
saying, "c'mon little guy,

There was a peaceful stillness,
then a flurry
of busyness,
as he was taken out
of the delivery room.
She knew, 
that everything would be ok.

And it was.


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