Tuesday, December 31, 2013

10 Important Things That Happened to Me This Year

2013 is drawing to a close and YIKES!  Another year is gone.  I'm reflecting on 10 important things that happened to me this year.

1.  I put my house up for sale in the spring.  I'm learning about patience, since the market is slow here.  Someone was shown the house today...

2.  I attended my first writers' conference with a one and a half day intensive poetry workshop.  I wrote 2 poems I'm really proud of as a result.

3.  I started volunteering.  I was assigned to the Breast Care unit at Nash Hospital.

4.  I found out I don't have to have a man in my life.  I made a bad choice last year and ended a friendship.

5.  I became certified as an Arthritis Foundation exercise instructor and work part time in that capacity.

6.  I cleared out old clothes and books that I no longer need.

7.  I became an advocate for the Arthritis Foundation.

8.  I started a children's book and sent it to a publisher.

9.  I visited the Small Library at the University of Virginia to see the Stone Collection.

10.  I joined a new church, the Durham Presbyterian Church.

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