Tuesday, December 17, 2013

"My Week With Marilyn"

     Last night I happened upon a Netflix movie that I missed when it came out in theatres, "My Week With Marilyn."  Michelle Williams stuns as Marilyn, and does her own singing in the film.

     It's about a young Englishman, Colin Clark, who wanted more than anything to break into film and he managed to talk his way into becoming Laurence Olivier's asst. director on the film "The Prince and the Showgirl," starring Olivier along with Marilyn Monroe.  Olivier was a great actor who wanted to become a film star.  Monroe was a film star who wanted to become a great actress.  They were both very unhappy working together with Marilyn often late to the set and Olivier becoming more and more angry.

     The only thing that placated Marilyn was spending time with Colin.  He visited, they went to the country, visited Windsor Castle, and of course, he fell in love.

     Olivier apparently was thoroughly frustrated by Marilyn's behavior and made he do take after take.  She often forgot her lines.  He got angry at her and sometimes she left the set in tears.  He reportedly commented on how exhausted he was by the experience, that it made him older.

     When the movie was completed, however, and he was watching it play back, he commented on how she lit up the screen, how delightful she was.  Colin Clark remarked that Marilyn brought joy to people.  What a talent!  It's interesting to think about how she would have matured as an actress.

     Colin Clark went on to become a successful director and filmmaker.  And Laurence Olivier went on to enjoy the greatest success of his career.


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