Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Good Neighbor Fence(c)

My new fence went up yesterday,
We call it the "good neighbor fence."
When I moved to my house,
the survey was finished.
Stakes up.
My things were moved in.
Next day,
the stakes were down.
Without an explanation.
Or word of apology.
My neighbor said
that they were on his land.
His land.
Why did he wait...
to say something, until
they were up?
My neighbor once
followed me on my walk.
Came over to talk with me
while I was sunbathing.
A fence, I mused.
I need a good fence.
So a fence went up.
A charming picket fence.
All was fine for a while.
Until he started staring.
He could see over the fence.
Train his eyes on me while I was gardening.
Stared at my visitors.
Made comments.
Insulted me
a time or two.
He enjoyed my views
more than I did his.
So yesterday a good fence
went up.
He came out to watch,
and stare,
make comments.
I said something.
"I feel uncomfortable with
your staring,"
I said.
He shouted:  "Now, I'm on MY property!"
he shouted.
He ranted.
I said, "I'm just saying
how I feel, and that's ok."
I created a boundary.
Long time coming.
There is peace now.
The peace fence.
I won.
And that's a good thing.

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