Monday, October 14, 2013

Knees     The knees have it.  They get the brunt of the impact from exercise.  As Dr. Kelley put it, after looking at the load on the knees from simply going upstairs, it's a wonder that everyone's knees don't hurt.
     I kept my appoint with Dr. Kelley's office on Oct. 2 and was seen by Jamie Messersmith, his PA.  I still did not schedule surgery, but something Jamie said really got my attention:  "When you are tired of putting on knee braces and all the other things you do, it may be time."
     Yes, I am tired of knee braces, the creams, oils shots, you name it.   Jamie said that all I need to do to schedule surgery is call.
     I have a knock knee.  It's my right one.  It's become unbearable and I wouldn't dare go camping like I used to do last year.  I'm self conscious of it.  It makes my leg look somewhat deformed.  I am depressed about this.
     And I'm still kind of freaked out by the surgery, the rehab, the recuperation.  If I could recoup in the Bahamas, it would be great.  I doubt if that could happen.  Deep breath.  All will be fine.

     On the matter of knock knees, I found this article.

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