Monday, October 14, 2013

First Poet

Blanco came to Durham last 
Richard Blanco--
first Latino,
first openly gay individual,
first immigrant--
(so many firsts)
to read at a Presidential inauguration.

We came by the hundreds to hear:
from Durham,
We listened...
impressed by the sweet beauty of
"Boston Strong."
The breathtaking scope of
"One Today."

Poems that capture so many feelings,
even his dispair over hearing
his grandmother's advice to
"not pee sitting down."

First poet, he,
The first to be a star,
to pack a hall in Durham for poetry.
To proclaim the joys of his hometown library.
A library where his dreams took flight,
among books on opera and Picasso.

Five hundred of us were
mesmerized by Blanco.
In Durham, North Carolina,
at the Carolina Theatre.
On October 13, 2013.

What a night.

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