Thursday, May 9, 2013

Up-Date on the House, Lowball Offers, etc.

The listing is on the web, now with photographs.  I managed to get the siding cleaned in the back and the shed cleaned out for the first showing.

The realtor and I thought this was a committed buyers, until she submitted the offer.  She basically took $20,000 off the list price.  Her offer was $93,500.00, PLUS she wanted me to pay closing costs.  Ridiculous!  We didn't hear back from her on my counter offer of 109,000.00 and I supply a home warrenty.  I'm not going to GIVE the house away.  And I paid my own closing costs.

Sooooo, I may be coming down on the price at the end of May.  I meet with an accountant to figure out an appropriate list price.  The tax value on the house is about $94,000.  I did decide to let Maggie work as a "dual" agent, so she can show the house, along with other agents.

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