Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Trojan Women

July 19, 2016  The Rioult Dance Company performed last night at Reynolds and WOW!  What a stunner.  Visually breath-taking with music composed for the piece by three contemporary composers.  Interesting that the choreographer had been a track and field athlete in France.

overview:   RIOULT Dance NY, known for its sensual, articulate, and exquisitely musical work, will present WOMEN ON THE EDGE…Unsung Heroines of the Trojan War, a trilogy of dances inspired by Euripides’ tragic heroines Iphigenia, Helen of Troy, and Cassandra. Artistic director and choreographer Pascal Rioult’s interpretations of these timeless myths highlight not only the grace, strength, and resilience of women in society but also the futility and immorality of war. The program includes Rioult’s Iphigenia, On Distant Shores, and the ADF commissioned Cassandra’s Curse, each set to commissioned music by contemporary American composers Michael Torke, Aaron Kernis, and Richard Danielpour, respectively.


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