Sunday, July 24, 2016

all the southern ladies

here listening to the southern ladies
talking about their mothers, lost lovers
 about their grandfathrs
and death and gossip
oh please get me out of here
no more painted red toe nails
and talking about sentimental shit
how they want to be reincaarnated as violins
how the organza shimmered and the lavender glowed
couldn't wait to be married
ok i'm going to pretend to listen
or imagine that i'm at a reading by Sara  Claytor or Bonnie Korta
longing for the sight of the Fireside Pentacostal Church
and picturing B Boys dancing in the aisles
give me Notes to a Native Son
and the people from whom our favorite music come.
oh give me women
gwendolyn brooks
ella fitzgerald
big mama thornton
billy holiday
elizabeth cotten.....

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